Never Stop Learning (or Stitching!)

We’re off to a slow start here, but not giving up!  December was a justifiably busy time for me, so there wasn’t a lot of focus on getting the shop started.

Early in the month, we took a fantastic Disney cruise to the eastern Caribbean with my in-laws.  Of course I don’t travel without a yarn project, and this was no exception!  I started a blanket on this trip, using some yarn that my aunt had given me. I did some crocheting on the ship, and while lounging on Serenity Bay, the adults-only beach on Disney’s private island of Castaway Cay in the Bahamas.  Naturally, it’s fun to crochet anywhere, but there’s nothing like stitching by the sea!

Couldn’t crochet too long, though.  That crystal clear water was calling my name!

Unfortunately, every time we fly, hubby or I  (sometimes both of us) end up sick.  We tried to prepare for the trip with apple cider vinegar and other immune system boosters.  Thankfully, we were well for the vacation, but I reckon we didn’t do enough because we both got sick once we were home.  So the focus then was to get well in time for Christmas Day, since my aunt was hosting and she is undergoing treatment for breast cancer.

We did make it to Christmas Day, but I’ve had a little flare up since then and am praying that my remaining antibiotics and days off from work will take care of it.

So here we are, 3 days past Christmas, and I’m finally getting around to some of the things that were previously put off.  Thinking about my shop again, and trying to be as prepared as possible before taking the plunge.

I purchased a workbook a month or so ago to help me get started, and hubby gave me a copy of Chandi’s ebook from Expression Fiber Arts for Christmas.  Having read both and done a little planning, I feel like it’s time to bite the bullet and jump in.  While I’m off work between now and the new year, I intend to get things going, and in my next post I’ll detail my process a little, so you can experience it with me.  Maybe one day you’ll open a shop of your own, and this information can help you!

Wish me luck!


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