Taking the Plunge -or- Setting up Shop (Pt.1)

So today’s the day.  I’m setting up my Etsy shop, and as promised, sharing the process.  In the first place, I was given a referral link by Leslie at A to Z Alpacas.  With a referral link, you get 40 FREE listings when you open your new shop, and the person who gave you the link gets free listings as well.  Now that I’ve got a shop of my own set up, I have a referral link that I can share too! 🙂

I already had a several-years-old account as a buyer on Etsy, and therefore I already had a personal user name that wasn’t terribly professional or “user-friendly” if that’s the right way to say it.  Besides that, I like to keep business and personal things separate.  So I started a whole new account just for December Butterfly.  There are probably people who would tell me that it was an unnecessary move to open a second account, and it may be that it’s much simpler to control things in one account vs. two, but it’s done now.

(Side note:  You can find a lot of good information on Etsy itself).

After starting the new account, I immediately went to see if I could even use the name “December Butterfly.”  I felt pretty sure that it hadn’t been taken, but to be safe, I wanted to claim it as quickly as possible.  The first screen you’ll deal with when setting up a new shop is where you’ll set up your shop preferences:

Click for a larger view.

Here you’ll decide what language, country, and currency your shop will use, as well as classify your shop by how you intend to sell.  I’m not sure why that last part is relevant, but I reckon we’ll discover that at some point.  You’ll also notice in this screen shot that in the lower left corner, it’s showing Canadian dollars and Canada as the country.  I’m not sure why that would be there either unless it is because A to Z Alpacas is in Canada, and I used their referral link?  It doesn’t appear to affect my settings, though, so for the moment I’m going to overlook that.

The next window is for choosing your shop name.

Click for a larger view.

As you enter the name you want for your shop, the site will automatically search for you to determine if the name is available.  If you get the green-for-go button that tells you your name is available, do a little happy dance and proceed with the process.  If not, try to think of a unique spelling or variation that will give you the closest without being confusing or hard to remember.

Next it’s time to do the scary stuff:  List your items for sale!  I’ll share that process in the next post.  No worries, though.  I’ve been assured that nothing is public until you make it public.  And so far I’ve not run across anything that makes stuff public. 😉


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