Growing Pains -or- Sorry I’m Not Posting Regularly

My intention with this blog was to get into a habit of posting regularly every other week, to start.  Eventually, I’d like to post something weekly.  Life, however, has other plans for me at times, and this week was no exception.  My next post was meant to continue the Setting Up Shop series, but it just wasn’t meant to be this week.  The good news is that I do have something yarn-related to share with you!

I used to be a consultant for Thirty-One Gifts, but ended my run last February.  Back whenever I was still in the biz, I had an office upstairs in our house.  There was a whole closet dedicated to helping me keep my inventory sorted and my supplies at the ready, along with wall organizers, and a well-organized desk and small bookshelf.  Once I became inactive as a consultant, the office became a sort of catch-all room for a while.

Before – you can see why I cried.

This has been problematic for me because A) my family is populated with boarder-line hoarders and one of my biggest fears is becoming one myself, and B) I’ve been thinking that I need to re-purpose this office to keep up with my yarn-related stuff and, in particular, my Etsy shop when it’s up and running.  So Saturday and part of Sunday turned into Operation Office Organization.


I started by gutting the closest, despairing over the fact that the room then looked like something out of a Hoarders episode, getting overwhelmed and sitting on the empty closet floor crying for a minute (which is not something I’m prone to do), then calling my sister for backup.  She helped me stay on task and organize, as well as asking those hard “are you keeping this?” questions.

Many things were recycled.  Many things were given to my sister and my mom.  Many things went away.  It was time.


I did have some Thirty-One products that I’m keeping, but several of them are the types of things that you can’t have in use all the time.  These guys have moved into the pink box you see on the floor of the closet. Everything else is crochet related.


These totes on the bookshelf, in addition to a small blue bucket on the closet shelf now house my yarn stash.  Thread and lace weights are in the purple tote, fingering and DK weights are in the black “My Stash” tote, worsted and aran weights are in the two remaining totes on the bottom two shelves.  The small blue bucket holds my bulky weight yarns.


I would really love to be able to display all my yarn pretties.  I’ve seen so many great pictures of yarn on display in craft rooms, but I have two concerns:  light and bugs.  Now, even the best of us while attempting to keep an orderly and clean home will spot a spider or two, or some other kind of bug here or there.  In our house, the most common pests are Asian lady beetles and the occasional moth.  Also, in this particular room, we’ve struggled with the afternoon-evening sunlight causing lots of things to fade in color.  It’s my hope that keeping my stash off the carpet and closed up in this closet might keep them safe from both.


The two heads there, I hope to use for modeling hats and earwarmers in future photos.  Those white boxes are finished objects that are ready for gifting or selling.  They’ve each been folded neatly and wrapped in tissue paper, with temporary sticky labels on the side so I’ll know what’s in the box.  I don’t know yet whether those boxes will ship well, but in the meantime the finished objects are being stored efficiently!


Works-in-progress are individually bagged along with corresponding yarn in the big tote on top of the Thirty-One box.  In other news, my awkward blocking board finally has a home!  That’s been a bear to try and store.  I also have a few hundred collection of printed patterns that have been organized in binders and now live on the short bookshelf next to the desk. and my patterns are all organized.

After – ready to take on new challenges!

The room isn’t completely finished, but it’s SO much better than it was. I’m satisfied with the progress we made in 1.5 days, at least.  Now I feel like I’m ready to fill orders from my Etsy shop, if I ever finish getting it up and running!  Couldn’t have done it without my sister!  And now that we’re all cleaned up, maybe it will be easier to keep up a real blogging schedule.


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