WIP Wednesday: Temperature Blanket

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of the temperature blanket, here’s a quick little summary:  Each row represents a date.  Each color represents a temperature range, which is dictated by that day’s weather.  You can check out this post by Yarnspirations for a little more info, if you like.

For my personal blanket, I decided to use the highest temperature reached each day in my little town of Timberlake, NC with the aid of Weather Underground‘s “history” tab.


Here in NC, we can experience temperatures across the spectrum in a given year.  But most of the time, we fall between 20° and 100° (F), so I set up my colors based on that:

Below 20°:  Gray
20-29°:  Dark purple (Iris)
30-39°:  Light purple (Orchid)
40-49°:  Blue (Blue Mint)
50-59°:  Green (Limelight)
60-69°:  Yellow (Super Duper Yellow)
70-79°:  Orange (Neon Orange)
80-89°:  Red
90-99°:  Hot Pink (Watermelon)
100° and above:  White

Since I knew this was going to require a lot of yarn, I’ve been using Caron Simply Soft solids, and praying for yarn sales.  Originally, I wanted my blanket to be a giant granny square.


I was making good progress until Joe asked me one day if I’d thought about how big this thing was going to be.  If we just estimated that a single row on a granny square was about an inch tall, and double that because it’s a square and I’d be adding a row on both sides each day, the resulting blanket would be 730 inches (over 60 feet) across! 😮

So it was back to square one (no pun intended).  I considered doing a separate granny square blanket for each month, but in the spirit of the temperature blanket, I felt like I wouldn’t be satisfied unless it was one complete piece.  After some deliberation, I decided to do rows of single crochet stitches, which would still result in a large blanket, but if we calculated everything right, it would be just the right size for our queen bed.  So I started again:

January 1 through 31

You’ll notice if you look closely, that there are rows with sequins.  Those represent the rare days when we have frozen precipitation.  You’ll also notice that in one month we had temperatures from the twenties up into the sixties!  Welcome to NC weather, y’all.  Snow and twenties one day, and three or four days later, 50° and sunny!  I’ve heard people say that they sometimes use black to indicate severe weather.  I considered doing that as well, but I didn’t want to forgo the temperature colors.

January through February

You can see here where I’ve had to start rolling up the blanket.  So far, I’ve been able to carry it with me and work on it while I’m out and about.  But pretty soon I won’t be able to reasonably carry it around anymore and I’ll have to work on it mostly at home.

January through March

March has brought us up into the 70s, and even one day in the 80s.  We won’t see anymore snow or ice until November or December now.  I have to say that as it progresses, I love the coloration more and more.  Purple, blue, green, and yellow were nice, but I love what the orange and red add to it.

Something else I’ve discovered is that this is quite a larger undertaking than what I expected.  My patience and attention span are stretched to the max when making blankets, and the only real saving grace for this one is not knowing what the colors are going to be until the day is over.  Naturally, I’m not putting out a row every single day, and I have been struggling to catch up lately.  I just this past weekend caught up to the end of March, and am probably about a half a month behind at this point.

But crochet is something I only do in my spare time (which shrinks increasingly as time goes by).  I always kind of knew that I wasn’t spending a lot of time crocheting, in the relative sense, but this blanket is kind of monopolizing all that time and keeping me from making other stuff.  So I’m not sure what that will mean for the rest of this year.  I have every intention of finishing this blanket.  I also have every intention of making other things this year.  And now that I’ve added blogging into the mix, something is going to probably suffer a bit.  Most likely candidate for that is this blanket, unfortunately.  But we’ll see how it goes!  There are only 3 quarters left!


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