FTF – Event: Triangle Yarn Crawl, Pt. 3

This post is a continuation of my spring 2016 Triangle Yarn Crawl experience that began in this previous post.  To start at the beginning, please read this post.

Stop #6:  Great Yarns – Raleigh, NC


If you’re not from North Carolina, I don’t know how much you know about the state, or how much you’d know about the city of Raleigh, other than it is the state’s capitol, it has an airport, and it is commonly hyphenated Raleigh-Durham due to the close proximity of the neighboring city.

Raleigh is a difficult place for a country girl like me to love.  I’m used to the quietness of rural life with farms, fields, and forests.  I prefer my skies to be filled with songbirds and hawks rather than airplanes.  I prefer the roar of trees in the wind to the roar of traffic.  I prefer to get stuck in slow traffic behind a tractor rather than road construction or accidents.  And I like knowing 5 different ways to get to a place via backroads, rather than navigating 4-lane highways and relying on the GPS when I find myself lost, once again, in the labyrinth of interstates, beltlines, and one-way streets.

All this to say that when I come to Raleigh, there has to be a good reason (no offense, Raleigh).  And one of the best reasons to visit Raleigh is the NC State Fair. 🙂  It’s on my list of things I feel compelled to experience at least once a year.  Right on up there with seeing the ocean (which may seem rightfully spoiled of me, to those of you who are so unfortunate as to be land-locked.  My deepest sympathies, btw).  Remember the Filatura Di Crosa Fancy Cristallo I mentioned having purchased at Great Yarns’ sister store, Yarns Etc…?  About the time of the NC State Fair last year, I’d just run out and realized I needed more.  As they were sister stores, and I’d never visited Great Yarns before, I successfully suggested a stop at their shop before we headed home from the fair, and was not disappointed. 🙂


My latest weakness for sparkly yarns led me to exhaust my yarn allowance for the crawl when we arrived at Great Yarns.  Jess, too, found a yarny soul mate, but exercised her will power much better than I, and left it for another day.  After all, we still had two more shops to visit!


Great Yarns does a fantastic job of maximizing their small space, and you can find some really interesting surprises around every corner!  And since they’re the sister store to Yarns Etc…, your loyalty card is good at both shops!

Stop #7:  Warm ‘n Fuzzy – Cary, NC


While I immensely enjoy all 8 of these shops, Warm ‘n Fuzzy made me want to just move right in.  There was some road construction as we approached, and finding a place to park was an adventure, but it was all worth it, y’all.  I am in love with the look of this store.  The design and the atmosphere were so unique.  I wanted to curl up in there with a good book and a yummy tea, surrounded by all those squishy pretties.

I could have spent a good hour or more just taking in the sights of this shop, but my social anxiety and claustrophobia got the better of me.  There were quite a lot of people in there.  Of course, we’d kind of expected that to happen by this point.  It was after lunchtime, probably about 2PM or so, and we’d figured that would be the busiest time of day.  I saw so many gorgeous yarns, and vowed that if we ever did the yarn crawl again, I would plan ahead and save up for next time!  Oh, and something interesting to note about Warm ‘n Fuzzy is that they allow you to order yarn and supplies via their website! 🙂  They even have a 5% return loyalty program.  Visit their website for more info on that.

Stop #8:  DownTown Knits – Apex, NC


Here’s something I haven’t told very many people:  I have a demi-dream of owning a yarn “studio.”  I would love to create a space in Person County, NC where you can purchase specialty yarns, yarn art accessories of all kinds, take classes and workshops, and try out virtually all kinds of yarn art.  Catering not only to knitting and crocheting, but also spinning, weaving, dyeing, needle felting, and potentially more.  It would take a large space to pull off something like this, and lots of other things I don’t even want to begin to think about just yet, but it’s so cool to dream about.  DownTown Knits is pretty impressively similar to what I’d envisioned.  Smaller, still, but the closest thing I’ve seen so far.

I was quite impressed with the amount of space they had here.  Plenty of room to walk around and look at all the pretty yarns and samples, as well as the books, magazines, and patterns.

And then came the moment I had been dreading all day: having already spent my yarn allowance, falling in love with a yarn that I couldn’t take home. 😥  I have a weakness for colorful yarn, particularly multi-colored or self-striping or gradient.  I love these yarns so much, but I have a horrible time finding good patterns for them.  By the time I make them into something, I find myself wishing I’d gone with more solid or tonal yarns.  But this yarn made me throw all of that logic out the window.  As I’ve discovered that DownTown Knits also allows you to purchase via their website, there’s hope yet that these beauties will find their way to my stash one of these days.  But for now, I’ll leave you to lust after them for yourself and marvel at my incredible strength of will power:


We successfully hit all 8 shops in one day!  Even more impressive?  We actually pulled it off in only 6 hours!  We deserved a celebratory treat after that, wouldn’t you say?  And Cold Stone isn’t a place we frequent, since there’s not one very nearby, so…

Part of the photo scavenger hunt included photos of our WIPs along with a lunch/snack.  So we have that…  And we also have more sheepy photos:


As it turns out, Jess actually won the raffle from Great Yarns! 🙂  So it was kind of fun that we both won something.  I don’t have a photo of her purchases, but here are my spoils from the crawl:


Now I just have to find the perfect patterns… 😉


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