The Amazing, Disappearing Crochet Blogger -or- I’m Back!

WordPress informs me that it’s been 4 or 5 months since I shared anything with y’all.  If we want to wax philosophical, we can assume that’s due to the fact that I finally announced my Etsy shop.  That the nervousness I felt over finally making it public caused me to tuck tail and run for the hills, like one would do after poking a sleeping bear.  (My creative writing professor from college would be cringing at my overuse of cliche right now, but I’m trying to paint a picture here).  Maybe a bit like Cera waking Sharptooth.

More likely, however, is just the fact that my crojo has suffered a bit due to all the adulting I’ve been doing lately.  By this time last year, I’m fairly certain I’d made about a million point two things.  Okay, maybe just a million point one.  At any rate, it was far more than I’ve accomplished so far this year.

Drumroll please…

Sorry.  I’ll stop with the movie references now…

I’ve just completed my THIRD project of 2016!


I hate to admit it, but crochet has been pretty boring lately.  First of all, as you may know if you’ve been following along, I made the mistake of deciding to make a temperature blanket back in January.  I mean, it’s pretty… and I know I’ll love it when it’s finished…  but blankets are one of my least favorite things to crochet because they are just so tedious.  I don’t know, I think I get bored of working on the same thing for so long.  I was doing pretty well with the temperature blanket when it was small enough to carry around with me.  Now it’s gotten kind of big, so I decided I wouldn’t be taking it anywhere anymore and just working on it at home.  But then, at home, I have so much other stuff to do.

Back when I was at my crocheting peak last year, I was working on things for people who’d commissioned them or for gifts.  Among them a mermaid tail blanket and a sea turtle blanket.  I was crocheting pretty much every free moment.  That left Joe to take care of a lot of household stuff that he shouldn’t have had to (without complaint.  Yeah, he’s pretty awesome like that).  I felt so guilty about that, and I decided when things calmed down with the stuff I had to make, I would be better about my household responsibilities before I spent all my time crocheting.

So that, combined with the tediousness of the temperature blanket, have meant that I’m not doing a lot of crocheting by comparison.  I made a blue triangular scarf in January, and then I started a muted blue/green and purple scarf in February that has given me trouble from day 1.  The pattern isn’t difficult, but was written in French, so I had to find someone who’d translated it, and then it’s made with a type of bobble stitch which I found very time consuming.  Then, too, I like to use up as much of my yarn as possible for each project so I don’t waste, and I thought I had enough yarn for this scarf that I’d come out just right.  Turns out I didn’t have enough yarn (by far) to complete the pattern, so I had to alter the pattern, which meant frogging stuff I’d already done and re-doing several rows.  That happened a couple of times, actually.  All told, I probably spent 7 months on this scarf, and I just completed the blocking for it, so now it’s done.  Phew.

Then I breezed through a birthday gift for my mom, and that felt so good.  I went from 7 months on that one scarf, to 5 days on the gift for my mom.  Now I’ve got to decide what to work on next.  Joe and my dad had both asked me for some fingerless gloves last year, so now maybe I can work on those and finish them before it gets too cold.  So here are some pictures of the two scarves I mentioned:

At this point, I really ought not be making any promises to the handful of you who may be reading, but my intention is to soon share a full post about each project.  Of course, I still owe you all a couple of Field Trip Friday posts from way back in the spring when I visited 2 yarn shops on my Outer Banks trip.  So… Look for me when you see me coming. 😉  I will most definitely be back and posting.


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