Guess what, yarn art newbie?

As I write this, I’m a yarn art toddler.  I’ve been crocheting for just over 3 years, and approaching my one-year knitting anniversary!  It’s been a long, tangled road and I’ve been learning a lot as I go.  Since the main goal of this blog was always to share my yarn art journey, doubtless you’ve realized that I had a yarn art life before my Etsy shop and blog.  I want to share with y’all some of the little lessons I’ve learned along the way.  Keep in mind that these are purely based on my personal experience.  I’m in no way an expert!  (Yarn art toddler, remember)?

Lesson 1:  Don’t give up!

Lesson 2: There are a variety of ways to learn your new craft!

Lesson 3:  All Yarns are NOT Created Equal!

Lesson 4:  A Little More About Yarn

Lesson 5:  Softening Acrylic Yarn