Love Life – or – Grateful

I know, I know… I said I was back and then I disappeared again.  I’m just popping in to say I’m still here. 🙂  My husband and I went on vacation for our 10th anniversary and while I was working on a post to share with y’all about that, we had a family emergency and my mom ended up in the hospital, nearly bleeding to death.

So today I’m just reflecting on how God took care of her, and how beautiful life is.  If you needed a reminder too, maybe you’ll enjoy this as much as I do:


Blue Glasymmetrical Scarf -or- Blocking the Crap Out of Stuff

Once upon a time in the latter months of 2013, I was still a crochet newbie and I had just made my first ever crochet gift – a scarf and matching pineapple headband for my mom.  The only problem?  I had no idea that blocking was even a thing.  The scarf was fine, but why didn’t my headband look like the pattern picture?  Must have been my inexperience, I thought.  With time and practice, my stitches would look just as good as theirs.  If I’d just known how to block the thing, I’d (and she’d) have probably been much more thrilled. Continue reading

The Amazing, Disappearing Crochet Blogger -or- I’m Back!

WordPress informs me that it’s been 4 or 5 months since I shared anything with y’all.  If we want to wax philosophical, we can assume that’s due to the fact that I finally announced my Etsy shop.  That the nervousness I felt over finally making it public caused me to tuck tail and run for the hills, like one would do after poking a sleeping bear.  (My creative writing professor from college would be cringing at my overuse of cliche right now, but I’m trying to paint a picture here).  Maybe a bit like Cera waking Sharptooth.

More likely, however, is just the fact that my crojo has suffered a bit due to all the adulting I’ve been doing lately.  By this time last year, I’m fairly certain I’d made about a million point two things.  Okay, maybe just a million point one.  At any rate, it was far more than I’ve accomplished so far this year. Continue reading

Oh My Gosh, I Have an Etsy Shop! -or- Now What?

So it’s confession time:  My Etsy shop has been open for a little while now and I haven’t formally announced it.  Have you ever noticed how sometimes a store will open and after a few weeks or so they’ll have a “grand opening?”  What’s up with that, anyway?  Why wouldn’t your grand opening be, oh I don’t know, the day your store is opening? :-p  Whatever the reason, I guess the fact that that’s not how things are done gives me an excuse to call this my shop’s grand opening, right? Continue reading

FTF – Event: Triangle Yarn Crawl, Pt. 3

This post is a continuation of my spring 2016 Triangle Yarn Crawl experience that began in this previous post.  To start at the beginning, please read this post.

Stop #6:  Great Yarns – Raleigh, NC


If you’re not from North Carolina, I don’t know how much you know about the state, or how much you’d know about the city of Raleigh, other than it is the state’s capitol, it has an airport, and it is commonly hyphenated Raleigh-Durham due to the close proximity of the neighboring city. Continue reading